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A Critical Part of the Family Law

We’ve all heard horror stories about expensive divorces that drain both spouses’ bank accounts and devastate children. Joshua Tree Counseling offers peaceful, friendly mediation so you and your partner can resolve differences together. If you have an attorney he or she should be present, but an attorney is not required. By settling your case in mediation, you’ll avoid paying thousands more in legal fees and take control of agreements instead of relying on a judge to decide your future.

After mediation is complete, an agreement will be drawn up, signed by both parties, and submitted to the court on the same day to be entered into court records. Then, it will be time for you and your former partner to begin new chapters of your lives on a positive note.

Our therapist is a member of the Association of Family Law Professionals, an organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to couples and families with the legal, financial, and mental health issues that often stem from family law cases.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Helps you to avoid missing workdays for family court appearances
  • Saves you from paying thousands of dollars
  • Creates good-faith bargaining and more equitable agreements

Issues Resolved

  • Equitable asset distribution including debts, property, and vehicles
  • Parenting time and responsibilities
  • Child support
  • Alimony

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