Therapy and Counseling

Conversational Counseling | Locally Owned

Mental Health Counseling

Get the mental health counseling you need from Joshua Tree Counseling. We’ll help you understand your past in order to improve your future. Contact us today.

Relationship / Divorce Recovery

Unfortunately, more than half of all couples end up dealing with a divorce. Fortunately, we have the services you need to get through this difficult time and move toward a brighter future. Call us today.

Couples Counseling

Your relationship may be going through a difficult time, but don’t give up yet! We’ll help the two of you reconnect and find common ground. To know more, contact us.

Mentoring and Life Coaching

Life is full of difficult choices, and it’s not unusual to realize there isn’t always a clear sign as to which is the better way to go. Call us today to learn more about our services.


Mediation in Family Law is a way for you and your spouse/partner to settle your legal disputes without the hassle and expense of going to court. YOU decide your family’s fate, not a judge.